Zander Martineau

Front-end specialist • Design systems advocate • Software engineer based in the UK working with agencies and startups helping them to achieve their goals

Currently working with Curve until March 2020. Please get in touch if you're interested in hiring me after that.


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Equals Go Card

User account area for the brand new Equals Go multi-currency card
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Equals, the rebranded FairFX, released the Equals Go card product. It is a multi-currency card with 15 currencies that makes it easier and cheaper for people to manage their money while abroad. I worked on the web app for this product, which encompassed the user account area for customers.

Equals Go Card
🏖 Team Members
Colin Agbabiaka, Steven Archer, Tim Brooke, Ben Tomkinson, Charilaos Georgakakis, Jamie Halvorson, Tabasom Aryamanesh, Joshua Anderson, Lloyd Asamoah
Tech stack
Next.js, React, Typescript, Redux (Saga), Express, AWS Lambdas, Styled Components, Design System Utils, Prismic CMS

Equals "Fuji" Design System

Fuji is's design system
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Fuji is's design system. I initially created it and lead its initial development. Fuji's components are React-based, they use Styled Components and Design System Utils. It is used by many apps at Equals. Corporate website

Re-platforming of this Irish institution's website
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I was tech lead and lead front-end developer for the re-platforming of Cornmarket's new website. With a design-system led approach, I started the front-end development, then handed over to the cross-functional remote dev team (from India, which I managed) whilst continuing as lead front-end dev.

Tech stack
Prismic CMS, Stimulus.js, .Net, Sass

Design System Utils

👩‍🎨 Access your design tokens with ease
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A micro library to ensure your CSS-in-JS styles stay consistent with your brand's design-system. Works with styled-components, emotion, glamorous and all other CSS-in-JS libraries.

Programmer's Clipboard

Copy unicode characters to your clipboard for use in different programming languages: CSS, Javascript, HTML & plain text

Snippet Generator

Sublime Text, Atom & VS Code snippet generator.

TMWUnlimited's 2017 website refresh

Complete redesign and development of TMW's existing website
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Lorena Teruel and I were given free reign to update TMW's old website. We spent a number of weeks coming up with the strategy, UX and thinking behind the new version of the site.

Having such close collaboration with design, development and stakeholders meant that ideas were validated and tested in a massively reduced time. This was an entirely new approach for TMW and resulted in a complete shift in how new projects were developed at the agency.

Lorena Teruel (design)


Front-end framework used on all TMW projects
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Developed in partnership with Ash Nolan, Kickoff is a lightweight, flexible and robust front-end framework that is a great starting point for any web site. We developed it while at TMW, but it grew way beyond internal projects into something that many other companies and developers use on projects of all sizes.


The Bar

Created a multi-platform consumer Pan-European website aimed at inspiring and educating consumers in the art of making spirits-based mixed drinks and cocktails for any social occasion.
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Nic Bell (front-end), Simon Kinslow (design)


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