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About me

I'm a contractor with 15+ years of experience helping companies get products to market, rewriting apps, creating POCs and more. I specialize in front-end but also work full-stack.

Multiple projects: Cryptocurrency exchange (Tradeblock), Investment banking app (Commerzbank), Legacy React app rebrand (Cappitech), Financial insights app (Clearwater Analytics)
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Reviving old music gadgets for my son
The journey to give my son access to music he loves in a offscreen, offline way
An introduction to my side-project
Building a table of contents component
For your Gatsby blog posts and notes
Announcing Code Notes
A Gatsby theme for publishing code-related notes and snippets
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Current and past side-projects

This very website. Open source.
Astro, TypeScript, PostCSS, Tailwind
Personal journalling app. Open source.
SvelteKit, TypeScript, A.I. powered text improvements, Postgres and authentication (powered by Supabase)
Personal bookmarking app. Not open source yet.
React, Next.js, TypeScript, Postgres and authentication (powered by Supabase), Tailwind
A collection of Raycast extensions for personal and public use. Some are published to the Raycast store.
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A few things I enjoy

  • 🏌️‍♂️ Golf
  • 🍖🔥 BBQ
  • 🍕 Pizza
  • 🥁 Drums
  • 🚵‍♂️ Mountain biking
  • 💖 Salted Caramel
  • 🍿 Movies