Zander Martineau

A coder based in the UK working with agencies and startups helping them to achieve their goals.

Currently working with FairFX



FairFX Fuji Design System
Fuji is's design system. I created it and lead the initial development for it. Fuji's components are React-based, they use Styled Components and Design System Utils. It is used by many apps at FairFX. Corporate website
I was tech lead and lead front-end developer for the re-platforming of this Irish institution's website.
Awesome Web Development Resources
👌 My collection of go-to web development resources
An opinionated fork of prismic-reactjs that allows you to use custom React components instead of standard HTML tags
Design System Utils
A micro library to ensure your CSS-in-JS styles stay consistent with your brand's design-system. Works with styled-components, emotion, glamorous and all other CSS-in-JS libraries.
Unsplash Search
Search for anything on Unsplash and the app returns a maximum of 9 images
Programmer's Clipboard
Copy unicode characters to your clipboard for use in different programming languages: CSS, Javascript, HTML & plain text
Snippet Generator
Sublime Text, Atom & VS Code snippet generator. Built with React on top of next.js.
TMW Unlimited's 2017 website refresh
Complete reworking of TMW's existing website
Redesigning and building Barilla’s new global website to fulfil the variety of needs of their 30+ local markets.
Developed in partnership with Ash Nolan, Kickoff is a lightweight, flexible and robust front-end framework that is a great starting point for any web site. We developed it while at TMW, but it grew way beyond internal projects into something that many other companies and developers use on projects of all sizes.
The Bar
Created a multi-platform consumer Pan-European website aimed at inspiring and educating consumers in the art of making spirits-based mixed drinks and cocktails for any social occasion.


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