About me

My name is Zander, I live in London, UK

I’m a front-end specialist (mostly working with React & TypeScript) but am very happy working full-stack too. I have over 15 years of experience working with a wide range of companies to help them get products to market and get their message across.

I am passionate about user interface design, user experience and development, and I enjoy both the minutiae of UI design in Sketch, Figma etc and deploying designs at scale using design systems and component libraries.

I believe technology is only a tool, and building great products requires a broad application of technologies that no one developer can master. That said, my core expertise is in the broader JavaScript ecosystem.

I am proficient in web application design and engineering using React, Next.js, GraphQL, TypeScript, web standards and various other frameworks, libraries and tools (see more in the Highlights section below).

I care about the impact I can have in your company, and the positive impact we’ll have together for the benefit of our users. Accessibility, inclusivity and performance are at the heart of what I do; what we create has to work for the greatest number of users.

I’m also keen to learn new things. Currently, I’m diving deeper into A.I. and Astro.

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  • Vanilla JavaScript purist ES5, ES6 and beyond with Babel and particularly TypeScript, object orientated and functional programming
  • Full-stack Node.js application development with Express.js, Fastify, API and micro-service/serverless development
  • Server rendered and single page apps with React and Svelte. Next.js, Gatsby, create-react-app, Vite, SvelteKit
  • Design systems and styleguides with Storybook, and Percy or Chromatic for visual regression testing
  • GraphQL with Apollo, React Query and Hasura
  • CSS-in-JS with Stitches, Theme UI, Styled Components & Emotion and my library, Design System Utils for more on this (below) as well as Tailwind
  • Web payments integration using Stripe
  • Authentication with Firebase and Supabase
  • Containerised applications using Docker
  • Performance optimisation and monitoring using tools like Lighthouse, WebPageTest, Calibre and SpeedCurve
  • Application/unit testing with Vitest, Jest, Mocha & end-to-end/integration testing with Cypress
  • npm package creation/management with automated CI publish workflows
  • Progressive web-apps with vanilla ServiceWorkers and Workbox
  • Multi-language Contentful, Dato and Prismic headless CMS integrations with Next.js & Gatsby and “vanilla” JS projects
  • Cloud hosting with Heroku, Vercel, GCP, Rackspace, AWS, Netlify, Firebase & Gatsby Cloud
  • Continuous integration and deployment with CircleCI, GitHub Actions, Gitlab CI/CD, Bitrise, TravisCI and Appveyor
  • Animation using CSS, GSAP and Framer Motion
  • Database management with PostgreSQL & TypeORM

Work experience

Staff Software Engineer

My full CV →

Side projects

I am a keen open source contributor, and have created and maintain a number of open source projects, including:

Self-hosted personal bookmarking app. Open source.
React, Next.js, TypeScript, PostgreSQL and authentication (powered by Supabase), Tailwind
Page Metadata Scraper with Cloudflare workers. It uses a Cloudflare's HTMLRewriter to scrape the page for metadata and returns it as JSON.
TypeScript, Cloudflare workers
This very website. Open source.
Astro, TypeScript, PostCSS, Tailwind
Personal journalling app. Open source.
SvelteKit, TypeScript, A.I. powered text improvements, PostgreSQL and authentication (powered by Supabase)
A collection of Raycast extensions for personal and public use. Some are published to the Raycast store.
  • Search and favouriting for npm packages
  • Display and filter your recent GitHub stars
  • View, search and add for my Otter bookmarking project. Not published to the store yet.
  • Search my code notes with Algolia Not published to the store yet.
TILs, snippets—my digital code garden 🌱
Eleventy, Nunjucks, TypeScript, PostCSS, Algolia search
Port of Rigel theme for VS Code
Gatsby theme for your digital garden (archived)
Gatsby, MDX, TypeScript, Theme UI
Design System Utils is a micro framework that standardises your design-system and provide helpful utilities to access its information. It can be used with styled-components, emotion, glamorous or any other CSS-in-JS framework.
This is an opinionated fork of prismic-reactjs that allows you to use custom React components instead of standard HTML tags.
Kickoff is a lightweight, flexible and robust Sass-based front-end framework that is a great starting point for any web site. Developed for projects at TMW, but it grew way beyond internal projects into something that many other companies and developers use on projects of all sizes.
Universal analytics event tracking API wrapper

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