Announcing Code Notes

A Gatsby theme for publishing code-related notes and snippets

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Like a lot of developers I spend a lot of my time searching Google for answers to things that I should know how to do. For example, how to write a link tag from memory.. apologies if that triggers some of you ๐Ÿ˜‚. Rather than keep searching for answers to problems that I've solved many times in the past, I started making notes so that I could easily reference them.

These code-related notes included snippets; examples from previous projects; explanations of how/why/when to do something; and even straight-up duplications of some documentation that I often search for. I have tried quite a few apps and services; some had great features like having a menubar app that allowed me to easily search then paste in a certain snippet, some had great organisation capabilities, and others were allowed for multiple snippets per note. Unfortunately though, none had all the features of what I wanted from a code notes app so I decided to create my own and this post will give you a little insight into how my solution was made and works.

I created Code Notes, a theme for Gatsby that gives you all the control over how you write, publish and store your notes โ€” you have full ownership. Having it be a website was immediately appealing to me because it is searchable and shareable by default; I often found myself sending colleagues a link to one of my notes.

GitHub hosts my notes which means the notes are versioned using Git so others can fork my notes or I can revert if needed.

Screengrab of a notes listing view

All notes are written in MDX or markdown. MDX is an extension of markdown that enables you to write JSX or HTML within the notes and they will render. This means the notes can be interactive, so you can show a code snippet and a preview right next to each other ๐Ÿš€. iframes can also be added so gists, Codepens or even Figma designs can be included in your notes.

Notes are fully searchable too ๐Ÿ”, including all code snippets. I integrated Flexsearch and made a few optimisations to improve the search speed โ€” I'll write a blog post about that soon.

Screencast showing how the search works

The design of this theme is intentionally simple to allow for the notes to be as legible as possible. There are multiple themes: light and dark of course.

Screengrab of what a note looks like with the dark theme activated

Notes also look great on mobile:

Screengrab of the Code Notes theme on a small viewport

How do you make your own notes site?

If you're familiar with Gatsby, setting this theme up shouldn't be too hard. That being said, even if you're new to Gatsby, I think you should be able to set it up fairly easily. I created a Gatsby starter for just this purpose. Using the gatsby-cli, run this:

gatsby new code-notes

This will create a basic site with a single note. Once installed or cloned locally and all packages are installed you can begin developing your site.

If you'd rather not use the gatsby-cli, you can clone the start repo like so:

git clone
cd code-notes

Creating your first note is pretty simple too, just add a new file e.g. my-note.mdx inside the notes directory and add this content:

title: My note
emoji: ๐Ÿณ
- test
This is a test note.

I have been adding features over the past few months and now believe that it is ready for wider usage. Please give it a try and let me know what you think, I would love to hear any and all feedback. Code Notes is open source (of course) so you can contribute or file bugs to it at

If you're interested, here's some info about some of the previous apps I used.

Notion is perhaps an unlikely contender for an app of this sort, but it actually suited me pretty well for about a year. Search, tagging and syntax highlighting worked great, but it was slow to use and I became frustrated. I do recommend it if you already use it.

SnippetsLab ($9.99), Quiver ($9.99) and Boostnote (free) served me very well for a few years. They are purpose-built for storing code snippets and were quick, but notes were not as accessible as I would want and there was no preview.

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