Thoughts, ramblings and ideas. Mostly related to web development

Otter v2.0.0
Updating and open sourcing my bookmarking side project
Styling React 2023 edition
My approach for using PostCSS, Tailwind, cva and a few others tools to style react apps and components
Reviving old music gadgets for my son
The journey to give my son access to music he loves in a offscreen, offline way
An introduction to my side-project
Building a table of contents component
For your Gatsby blog posts and notes
Announcing Code Notes
A Gatsby theme for publishing code-related notes and snippets
Redesigning my site... 2020 edition
Another year, another site design
Command line tools
A mixture of my favourite CLI tools and things that I usually forget
Avoid being tracked on the web
A few tips to keep you a bit more invisible online
Lessons learned building design systems
My rules for design system component libraries
Design systems at FairFX
How we are improving customer experience through shared code at FairFX
Jargon busting
Jargon plagues most industries. Software development is no different. Here are some of my favourites.
Rebel with a CORS
How to make your own simple CORS-enabled API from one that has CORS disabled
Introducing Design System Utils
Your helping hand to enforce your brand & design system styles with any CSS-in-JS solution
Creating dynamic layouts with Jekyll
How we used YAML front-matter to massively change the layout for different posts on our agency’s new website
Creative Technology Monthly: Disappearing interface
Issue 03: Disappearing interface with Marc Curtis - January 2017
Creative Technology Monthly: Motion and Animation
Issue 02: Motion and Animation — December 2016
Creative Technology Monthly: Chatbots
Issue 01: Bots —  November 2016
Updating npm packages
Exploring the myriad of options to enable you to update with ease
Redesigning my site... 2016 edition
The focus and techniques I used in my redesign
My process for using SVG on the web
hiDPI workflow for modern websites
Improving the UX of a front-end framework
How we focused on our users for the latest version of Kickoff
My development stack
Tools of the trade when developing for the web
Improve website event tracking with trak.js
Add tracking events more easily with our new library
The road to Kickoff version 4
What's in store for the next release of Kickoff Chrome Extension
An improved, more responsive design
Yeoman Generator Development Tips
Tips for those creating Yeoman generators
Tooling around
Are we focusing too much on the tools and not the output?
Speedtesting gulp.js and Grunt
Using the Kickoff framework, I compare two of the most popular client-side task runners
Introducing Kickoff
An overview of Kickoff for the TMW Labs blog
More efficient Grunt workflows
Useful tips for development with Grunt
Two versions of jQuery?
Why can't we serve separate versions for different browsers?
Live reloading preprocessed CSS using Grunt
This is all you need to get Livereload working with Grunt
How to fix hidden characters in password inputs in old IE
A fix for an obscure problem I found recently
On staying current
My recipe for staying up-to-date with web development news and trends
Speedy Sublime Text setup
I created a wiki to speed up Sublime Text setup, click above to find out more.
The Choreographic Grid
A CSS grid framework for content interdigitation
Customise Sublime Text 2
Tips for customising the only text editor you'll ever need.
Cloze test creator
I created a simple Cloze test generator
CSS3 'column-span'
A simple test of this handy CSS feature.
Pure CSS Icons
An experiment at creating shapes with CSS